Chagrin Pull

Chagrin Pull

The Society inc by Sibella Court

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Shagreen, the rough, textured hide you might find on a ray or shark. Although this pull takes on the French term, it still evokes the imperfect & textural finish just right for a hand-smithed aesthetic. The perfect length for oversized drawers, but also very useful for hand towels, tea towels, scarves & ribbons.

6cm foot height x 32.5cm o/a length x 3.5cm depth. 1cm rod diameter.
Screw Point Width: 31.5cm

Due to the hand beaten nature of this product, there may be slight variations in dimensions.

Finish: aged brass plated. Comes with screws.

Good for: large drawer pull, utensil rack, pots and pans drawer pull, kitchen cabinetry, wardrobe pull

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